I’ve taught classes in several sociology departments. As a teacher, I emphasize participatory learning, using case studies and group activities to show students how course concepts apply to their own experiences of the world. I’ve also worked in writing programs and centers, where I provided individualized feedback on graduate and undergraduate student writing.

Medical Sociology

This course examined the many tools and theories used to classify and measure health, from intelligence tests to brain scans. Students engaged with pop culture, read scientific journals, and participated enthusiastically in small group discussions. We thought together about the ethical, methodological, and scientific issues in medicine today.

The Making of Modern Medicine

This course is currently in preparation for Fall 2020, but will examine the role of colonialism and slavery on the development of modern medicine. 

Science, Technology, and Society

In this introductory STS course, we explored social theories of science and technology and the political consequences of science and technology. We analyzed the eugenics roots of behavioral genetics, the surveillance technology that prefigured algorithmic face-recognition technology, climate science and environmental racism, and many other topics.